Thursday, August 25, 2016

Amy and Cruz 2016

Amy and Cruz
Amy Nesse resides near Chicago, and we follow each other on Twitter. She is a Horse industry writer, and handicapper. Cruz is a Quarter Horse who belongs to the photographer who took the photo. The photograph was taken by Cara Arnolds Photography. There were so many elements that I wanted to draw. Amys hiar, the plaid flannel, the white main on Cruz.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Black 2016

 Black Drawing
 Jacob feeding Black a carrott
Me giving Black a treat
Black is another Thoroughbred that I was commissioned to draw out of Helmore Farm in Maryland. He is very aggressive, and my relationship with him is a challenge to me. I think he is a gorgeous horse, and I was glad I was asked to draw him. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Tack and Horse Sketches 2016

 Halter Hardware Drawing
 Bit Drawing
Bliss' Eye Drawing
This week I started doing some smaller finished drawings. These are 5.5x8. 

Helmore Farm- July 12,2016

Bliss, Annette, and I with the Bliss Drawing
This past Tuesday, Jacob and I went to Helmore Farm. The purpose of our visit was to deliver the Bliss drawing to my client Annette. She loved the drawing, and we got Bliss out of her stall for photos. 
Annette put Bliss in the grooming stall, and spent some time showing Jacob different things she does daily with her.
Jacob and Bliss
Cindy with Black and I
After putting Bliss back in her stall, we spent some time with Annette's friend Cindy. She has a retired thoroughbred race horse named Black. I have met him before. He is very aggressive and can be dangerous. It is amazing to watch Cindy with him, and she seemed to enjoy the enthusiasm that Jacob and I showed for learning and spending time with she and Black. 
Noah Yawning
Noah, one of the other horses in the barn, put on quite the yawning show!
 Nancy on Indian
As we were getting ready to leave, Nancy another horse owner at Helmore was preparing the jumping ring to tide her retireed thoroughbred Indian. She said she didnt mind if we stayed and watched. 
 Nancy with Indian
Hayla with Jacob up
When Nancy was close to finishing her riding, she asked Jacob if he had ever ridden a horse to which he replied no. Within minutes, she had put Indian away and tacked up her mare Hayla. Nancy helped Jacob aboard and gave him his first riding lesson. 
Hayla with me up
I couldn't resist the opportunity, and when Jacob was done on Hayla it was my turn for a quick ride. What an incredible couple hours for Jacob and I. On my previous visit with Joshua, Annette had stated how most horse people start very young. She said how nice it was to see the interest and  teach older people about the horses. Clearly all of the woman that Jacob and I spent time with felt the same way. Annette, Cindy, and Nancy were incredibly gracious with their time and knowledge. Jacob and I just had an amazing time! 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Gone Bluffn' 2016

Gone Bluffn.
Gone Bluffn' is a filly that races at Oaklawn Park in Arkansas. I was contacted by her owner via Twitter, and he commissioned me to do the drawing. Despite being drawn from a cell phone photo, I love the way this came out, and is one of my favorite equine portraits. My client had me send it to his father as a surprise gift which I thought was really cool!

Bliss 2016

 Bliss Drawing
 Bliss and I exiting the barn at Helmore Farm
 Bliss with Annette and I      Photo Joshua Bardsley
 Joshua and Bliss
Annette and Bliss
I met Annette at Black Eyed Susan Day at Pimlico during Preakness week. After exchanging emails, she commissioned me to do a drawing of her horse Bliss. Bliss is a 28 year old thoroughbred mare who raced when she was younger. Joshua and I went to Helmore Farm to photograph Bliss. Joshua had never been that close to a horse, and loved her. She is very gentle, and a perfect horse for his fist experience. I shot quite a few pictures, and ironically, Joshua took the shot that I did the drawing from. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Secretariat 2016

Secretariat Drawing
This year as I have gotten into horse racing, I am fascinated with the history of the sport! In most discussions about who was the greatest horse ever, Secretariat is included in the conversation. In 1973, he won the Triple Crown. It had not been won in 25 years at that time. Not only did he win it, but he time records in all three races that still hold today, including winning Belmont by 31 lengths! 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pimlico June 25,2016

 Me with Jevian Toledo and Victor Carrasco
 Fray Martinez Tribute Drawing
I have previously posted this drawing. It is a tribute to Fray Martinez who passed away this past year. Jevian Toledo and Victor Carrasco were very good friends with him. I finally got a chance to see them and give them prints of the drawing. 
 De Marquee with Edgar Prado up
 De Marquee with Edgar Prado up
As posted on this blog, during Preakness week, I got to go on a tour of Sagamore Farm. While I was there, one of the horses that I saw on the training track was De Marquee. Today in race 2, she won with Edgar Prado up.
Jevian Toledo on Church Monkey
Jevian and Joshu after Race 9
In race 9, Jevian Toledo rode a horse named Church Monkey. When he came off the scale, he stopped to say hello to Joshua.

 Turf Race
 Cool down- Unknown Hose
 Unknown Horse
Joshua looking into the paddock
Joshua and I started our day at a nice Maryland farm photographing a mare for a commission drawing. We then headed over to Pimlico for the last Saturday of the "Preakness Meet." The day was called Maryland-Virginia Breeders Day. The weather was incredible, and the 9 race card had 5 Stakes races (all on the turf).

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Miss Temple City 2016

Miss Temple City Drawing
Miss Temple City is the third drawing I have done from a photograph by Amy Lanigan. Amy lives in England. I love her work, and she seems to capture horses with a different eye than most Equine Photographers. 
Miss Temple City is a four year old Filly that was bred in Kentucky, and is currently trained by Graham Motion who now trains here in Maryland. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Exaggerator 2016

 Exaggerator Drawing
 Exaggerator at the 141st Preakness
The 141st Preakness on Sunday May 21,2016 was my first Triple Crown Race. Nyquist a horse from California had won the Kentucky Derby, and already beaten Exaggerator from Florida 4 times in previous races. Coming off the final turn, Exaggerator who has run on a sloppy wet track before took the lead, and thundered down the front stretch to win the race.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

ABR Preakness Party on WBAL11 Baltimore

WBAL11 Baltimore Video of the ABR Preakness Party
 My Songbird and Chromie Prints in the TAA raffle
My Songbird and Chromie Prints in the TAA Raffle
My Songbird Print
As seen earlier in my Preakness week, on My 18th, I attended the ABR (Americas Best Racing) Party at Mr. Washington Tavern in Baltimore. One of the highlights of the party was the TAA (Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance) raffle that included my Songbird and Chromie prints. A couple days after the party, I saw a link to a video that was on WBAL11 Baltimore about the raffle.

Monday, May 23, 2016

141st Preakness May21,2016

 Jacob and I 
The Preakness is one of the biggest races in the United States. It is the second and middle jewel of the Triple Crown between the Kentucky Derby, and the Belmont. The race is held at Pimlico race track, nicknamed "Old Hilltop" in Baltimore Maryland.
Not knowing how things would be with parking, and the crowd, and rain, Jacob and I got an early start. We headed up to Pimlico in a driving rain that stopped as we arrived at the track. 
 We figured we would explore outside, and see some races from there before the impending rain returned.
 The rain did return, and Jacob and I found a nice spot with good visibility at the top of the enclosed grandstand. 
 I love the grays!
Sagamore Racing Chief Istan
 Just before the Preakness, we connected with my friend Steve and headed to an outdoor box just above the finish wire.
 The sloppy track and finish wire from where we watched the 141st Preakness
 From the outside box where we watched the 141st Preakness
 The biggest star of the day was undefeated and Kentucky Derby Winner Nyquist. Instead of walking and saddling the horses back in the paddock, they were walked and saddled on the inside turf track so spectators could see the stars of the day. 
 Once "Riders Up" was given, the Post Parade started on the muddy wet track
 Nyquist looked incredible, and it was hard not the think he would win as he had already beaten the second favorite Exaggerator in the Florida Derby and the Kentucky Derby!
 My attention was also on Awesome Speed with my friend Jevian Toledo up, his first Triple Crown mount!
 As the horses came thundering down the front stretch, Nyquist took the early lead, with Awesome Speed just on his outside. 
 I was unable to get a picture of the horses at the finish wire, but in the end Exaggerator had won the race. The come from behind closer passed Nyquist coming off the final turn, Nyquist ended up third by a bob to Cherry Wine. 

 It was so great to see Jevian do so well on his first Triple Crown Mount, and nice that he stopped for a picture when he saw Jacob and I.
 In the box we were in, we also saw  Jockey Victor Carrasco who has been featured in this blog before.
 Jacob with Jockey Yomar Ortiz
 After the 141st Preakness pageantry was over, we stayed to watch the 14th race of the card. Sagamore Racings Brute Force who I saw and photographed on the training track earlier in the week won the race by lengths.
 Sagamore Racing Brute Force headed to winners circle

 Sagamore Racing Brute Force in Winners Circle
 Found this photo online after the race by Assiciated Press Photographer Nick Wass
Earlier in the Day, Jacob and I spoke to Quinn Kelley from the Baltimore Sun